Our Story

CHOSEN is the professional provider of social care services to the community, covering all areas including but not limited to mental health, life coaching, advocacy and provision for youth and young adults.

Operating from various exclusive and private locations to ensure confidentiality, our team supports individuals to recover from various life challenges causing social isolation, and provide tools to help maintain independence.
Through the use lived experiences, our professional team will support you to remove the barriers that restrict the total wellbeing of the individual and help restore hope to the community with real life testimonials.

Our aim is to support individuals to live a meaningful life in spite of what they may have been through on their journey so far and where they may be in life right now.

Our Founder

Through her experiences with family breakdowns, abuse, depression, learning difficulty, isolation and other social challenges Joyce chose to dedicate her time to supporting others break through life limitations. 

Joyce Stanley is a qualified Social Worker, a young people mental health practitioner, and an entrepreneur. 

Joyce has a BSc in psychology with counselling and an MA  in social work, she is a coach, a mentor and great believer in empowering others, especially young people.